Vegas (disturbedfoo) wrote in weloveyoohoo,

So, warped tour today.

Jak went, and he said he saw the yoo-hoo van.

thats awesome.

but asked for the concerts themselves,
he said that the sound was horrible, because there were toomany bands, and the volumes were on low. and there was only like 2 mosh pits in the whole thing.


so...anybody think otherwise?

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I saw a lot of mosh pits. The sound was pretty bad and some of my fav bands went on at the same time, but it was okay. And a certain somebody was there, hehe, he lost his tooth. So was badu bu(think about the song we wrote for him). I'm soo sad you couldn't go, I wanted you to, we would've had so much fun!!!! But it was hot as balls in a crockpot outside(not that I'd know). But call me when you read this cause no one's been picking up at your house.
yeah, i talked to moh, and he said he saw you.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! "hot as balls"!!! thats funny........